Monthly Archives: July 2015


Howard Tullman was recently interviewed by and hits the nail on the head when he states,

“…. the space is rapidly evolving and they are now introducing more closed ‘traditional’ office spaces. We’re getting rid of the open-plan office concept – we’ve got video that indicates that when people wanted to do anything serious or were trying to concentrate they got up and moved. And when they wanted to meet as a group they moved because the other people shushed them – so they needed to have a space. So we’re going to have some open areas, but we’re going to have a lot more ‘identity areas’: closed areas, conference areas, phone rooms.”

Space must be configured to work for both heads down, focus-intensive work and open air collaboration. Firms that created entirely open spaces without huddle rooms for privacy are now having to make capital investments to reconfigure their offices to meet these needs.

In a comprehensive office space acquisition strategy including all of your employees in establishing design criteria is critical for successful office reconfiguration adoption.